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Is your business plagued by electrical problems? Whether a flickering light is driving you crazy or a motor is making an odd noise, you can trust AK Electrical Contractor to find solutions to your problems. Our commercial electrician has provided electrical installation, inspection, repair and upgrade services to business owners in Quincy, IL for over 10 years.

Don't wait for your electrical problems to get worse - reach out to our team today to schedule electrical services.

When should you call us?

When should you call us?

Our electrical contractor has the equipment and expertise required to work on anything from an outdoor security light to an interior exhaust fan. Contact us if you need to:

  • Install a new standby generator
  • Upgrade your electrical panel
  • Rewire your power circuits
  • Repair a damaged dimmer switch
  • Replace an old ceiling fan

For more information about our services in Quincy, IL, call 217-641-0859 now to speak with our commercial electrician today.